Mojo Helpdesk now supports Turkish

The Mojo team is happy to share that the helpdesk is now available in the Turkish language. Special thanks to one of our long-time partners who helped us with this project.

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How to Keep Help Desk Agents from Burning Out

Burnout. Maybe you’ve personally experienced burnout or know someone who has. Burnout leaves a person feeling exhausted and unmotivated. Sadly, it’s a far too common experience among help and service desk agents. And it’s one of the biggest concerns for...

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How Your Help Desk Can Protect You from Ransomware

If you’re not worried about a cybersecurity breach you ought to be.  It could result in more than lost time and data, especially if your organization is the victim of ransomware. Ransomware impacts data, downtime, liability, and reputation. And on...

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