🚀 Mojo Helpdesk January Updates

🆕 We are changing the way we release software updates

Based on Mojo Helpdesk customers’ feedback, we are changing our software release process to make it more transparent and predictable. Here is how it is going to work.

All feature changes (added, updated, or removed) will be grouped in monthly releases. There will be only one release every month.

Bug fixes will continue to be released as they are made available. We often release fixes several times a week to ensure smooth service operations.

Here are the changes we made since January.

👨🏻‍🏭 NEW – Show / hide form field based on who is looking

Ever wanted to show or hide a form field depending on whether a customer or an agent is looking at a ticket? Now you can.

A field rule now has a new”‘actor” condition. An actor can be “anybody”, a  “contact”, a ”staff”, a “logged in” user, or a “not logged in” user.

Example: Hide the Helpdesk ID field when the Helpdesk URL is empty only when the actor is a contact. This means this field stays visible for agents even when the Helpdesk URL is empty.

Condition box

👀 NEW – Attachment icons

In the ticket view, attachments will show an icon representing their file type.

🤌🏼 CHANGE – Easy way to assign a ticket to yourself

We simplified the assignment action in the ticket view. There were two “assign to me” links. When an agent changes the assignee, the first item will be “unassign”, and the second will be the name of the agent that is doing the action, so “assigning to one-self” is quick. As usual, the list of other agents will be below these 2 items.

➕ CHANGE – Staff notes content shown by default

When viewing a ticket, the whole content of a staff note will be shown. Previously, long staff notes were truncated and agents had to click on “more” to display the whole staff note.

🔎 NEW – Date format change toggle

In the ticket view, clicking on a date will toggle its format, from a relative date (e.g. 1 week ago) to an absolute date (e.g. Jan. 6. 2023, 4:03:22 pm). 

🍕 NEW – Buongiorno – Mojo Helpdesk in Italiano

Mojo Helpdesk has been translated into Italian. Agents can set their favorite language in their profile view.

⚡ CHANGE – Tag labels are now expanded by default

Previously, ticket lists displayed ticket tags without their label. One had to click on a tag in order to expand them so their label was visible. No more. Tag labels are now visible. Users can toggle this in the options menu if they wish tag labels to be hidden by default.

🕵️ CHANGE – User portal group ticket search

After removing an old software dependency, we have to redo the group ticket search. Here it is:

💁🏼‍♀️ Tip of the month – CVS ticket list export

Did you know one can export any ticket list in CSV format? Use the ticket list option menu:

🧭 What will come next

The Mojo team is working on the following features:

  1. Ability to enter comments after rating a ticket
  2. Business hours with SLAs
  3. Role based access control (RBAC)
  4. A revamped user portal
  5. Improved “Email to ticket” behavior
  6. Link to individual ticket message

In the mean while, enjoy!

— The Mojo Team

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