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Powerful Help Desk Software

How to Make Help Desk Software More Powerful

Help desk software is essential for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and other organizations that need an efficient way to manage customer service. More than a simple ticketing system, the best help desk software enables users to activate advanced features that...

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Help Desk Automation Ideas

Help Desk Automation Ideas to Boost Productivity

Help desk automation ideas such as automated ticket processing and communication can increase customer satisfaction, decrease costs and boost agent productivity. The most efficient companies automate help desk tasks without losing the human element. This guide discusses the benefits and...

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High Performing Teams

How to Build a High-Performing Team

High-performing teams are capable of extraordinary work. They exceed expectations and produce measurable results that propel business growth. This guide presents a strategic approach to building a high-performing team that delivers remarkable value to your organization. Benefits of Building High-Performing...

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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Tips for 2022

This article is a cross-post from Das Keyboard, which is a sister company of Mojo Helpdesk. Workplace wellness is a focus for companies that want to maximize success in 2022. Though the world is hopefully in the waning days of...

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SLA Service Level Agreement

Understanding SLAs: Service Level Agreements

Understanding an SLA, Service Level Agreement, is extremely important when providing excellent customer service. Service-based businesses should constantly be thinking about how to satisfy their customers’ needs. To do this you have to know what your customers’ expectations are and...

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