Why Former Spiceworks Customers Love Mojo Helpdesk

With the end-of-life complete for the Spiceworks on-prem application, many former customers are proving why Mojo Helpdesk is the top alternative. The announcement of the desktop application’s end-of-life came in the summer of 2021 when IT directors were forced to...

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Customer Service Email Templates

Useful Email Templates to Use in a Customer Service

Client communication email templates can be powerful productivity tools that help customer service teams carry out constructive conversations. Well-written customer and client communication email templates simplify outreach and enable rapid response to client requests. That translates into a great customer...

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Powerful Help Desk Software

How to Make Help Desk Software More Powerful

Help desk software is essential for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and other organizations that need an efficient way to manage customer service. More than a simple ticketing system, the best help desk software enables users to activate advanced features that...

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Help Desk Automation Ideas

Help Desk Automation Ideas to Boost Productivity

Help desk automation ideas such as automated ticket processing and communication can increase customer satisfaction, decrease costs and boost agent productivity. The most efficient companies automate help desk tasks without losing the human element. This guide discusses the benefits and...

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Mojo Helpdesk new experience

Introducing the Mojo Helpdesk New Experience

The Mojo team is super excited to announce Mojo Helpdesk's biggest upgrade in years. Mojo’s New Experience provides a gorgeous user interface as well as many new, time-saving features that make working with Mojo Helpdesk a delight. To celebrate, we...

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Strong Customer Relationships

Tips for Building Strong Customer Relationships

Strong customer relationships are foundational to successful businesses. Companies that commit to customer relationship-building enjoy long-term loyalty, reduced costs, and greater profitability. This guide details the importance of excellent customer relations and lists tips for building strong customer relationships.  Building...

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Why Every Department Should Be Customer Oriented

The most successful companies know that a customer-oriented approach isn't limited to customer service teams, but should permeate every department. Customer-oriented companies enjoy many benefits, including increased profitability, decreased costs, and improved customer satisfaction, and they do it by putting...

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Apology Email Ideas

How to Write an Apology Email or Customer Service Message

Sending an apology email or customer service message is a critical first step toward rectifying mistakes and restoring customer trust. In fact, researchers at the University of Nottingham found that customers are twice as likely to forgive companies that apologize...

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Customer Service Metrics

Top Customer Service Metrics and How to Track Them

The most successful companies measure customer service metrics because they know a great customer experience directly correlates with business success. Customer-focused companies outperform their peers by 80%, and 84% of companies that work to improve the customer experience see increased revenues. Learn about the top customer service metrics and how to track them so you can reap the rewards of an exceptional customer experience. 

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