Why Former Spiceworks Customers Love Mojo Helpdesk

With the end-of-life complete for the Spiceworks on-prem application, many former customers are proving why Mojo Helpdesk is the top alternative. The announcement of the desktop application’s end-of-life came in the summer of 2021 when IT directors were forced to merge their programs to an online version, it was riddled with problems and issues. Customer complaints centered around the migration causing issues such as some agents and administrators no longer receiving emails, as well as the new platform having limited customization options, and poor reporting, among other things, leading to what was universally described as a downgrade in the platform. 

Since the demise of the on-prem application, IT professionals have been happy and relieved that they found such a powerful help desk alternative with Mojo Helpdesk. With many of the features lacking in other platforms, Mojo Helpdesk is winning over new customers with a completely redesigned UI that makes easing the platform extremely easy, and a range of new features that are found in any help desk alternatives. 

Mojo HelpdeskSpiceworks
Automated RoutingAutomated Routing
Email ManagementEmail Management
IT Asset ManagementIT Asset Management
Knowledge BaseKnowledge Base
Ticket ManagementTicket Management
Remote AccessRemote Access
Workflow ConfigurationWorkflow Configuration
Customizable BrandingCustomizable Branding
Social Media IntegrationSocial Media Integration
Call Center ManagementCall Center Management
Document StorageDocument Storage
Macros/Canned ResponsesMacros/Canned Responses
Multi-Channel CommunicationMulti-Channel Communication
Source: Capterra

Mojo has several features that are important for running efficient IT support or providing features that other platforms do not have. Canned responses, automations that automatically assign tickets or change their status, multi-channel communication for centralizing requests, a self-service knowledge base, and many other features available exclusively with Mojo help agents and help desk administrators keep things organized and greatly improve productivity. 

Additional features such as detailed and beautiful reporting, a knowledge base article suggestor to insert knowledge base articles into tickets, a ticket view with a conversation history, and an elegant and easy-to-use design make Mojo Helpdesk a pleasure to use. These are just some of the reasons new customers are choosing Mojo Helpdesk over other solutions. 

With a robust knowledge base for customers, help is available 24/7 through the self-serve platform, or by reaching out to the support team directly during business hours. The Mojo team listens to customer feedback and can quickly address issues and feature requests. Customers also help make Mojo the best help desk solution through their deep knowledge of their business, and how the software can address these needs. 

These are just a few reasons that former Spiceworks customers are switching to Mojo Helpdesk. The, and the Mojo Helpdesk team will continue to work tirelessly until every customer is 100% satisfied with their experience. 

If you come as a Spiceworks customer looking for a great Saas replacement, please check Mojo Helpdesk.

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