Top 10 Go To Words for Customer Service

Words for Customer Service
As previously discussed, striking the right tone during customer service correspondence is a crucial component of ensuring a positive customer experience. Customer service professionals learn certain words over time that, when used regularly, create the right tone to present the company in the best light.

When speaking with a customer, language should always be chosen carefully with an aim to convey positivity, empathy, concern and an eagerness to solve the issue at hand to make the customer feel satisfied and keep them happy. We’ve identified the top 10 words and phrases a customer service representative should use often in communication with customers.

Yes – This is the most important word on the list, as customer affirmation is a regular must in customer service. Alternative options include: “absolutely”, “definitely”, “certainly” and “of course.”  As much as possible, try to say these as though they’re followed by an exclamation point. Be careful, though, not to make false promises.

Thank You – Customers are the heartbeat of the company, and ultimately provide the company the ability to maintain a workforce.. Express gratitude to them for choosing the company, providing feedback, showing patience when they experience an issue and at any other opportunity that presents itself.

Sorry – Honest humility is almost always appreciated when genuinely expressed. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge and offer regret when a problem occurs, but be sure to follow every apology with an explanation of what will be done to correct the issue.

Pleasure – Part of the job as a customer service representative is regularly expressing positivity. Be quick to let customers know that helping them is a pleasure.

Please – One of the first words parents teach their children to keep communication polite, “please” should be employed regularly with customers to set tone properly for all requests you may have for the customers. (i.e. “please follow these instructions,” “please contact,” “please explain in detail,” etc.)

Solution – Regularly talking about a problem’s solution deflects attention from the problem itself and focuses instead on the successful resolution you’re working towards.

Happy – Along the lines of #4, expressing positivity goes a long way towards setting a pleasant tone with customers. (i.e. “I’m happy to help.”)

Right Now – As in, “I’ll get to that right now.” Showing urgency in reaching a resolution assures customers that they are a priority.

Appreciate – Find a way to express customer appreciation in every interaction. When they place an order, you appreciate their business. When they complain, you appreciate their feedback. Etc.

May I – Asking permission is a subtle way to let the customer know that he or she is in charge and confirms that all actions to be performed are being executed for the customer’s benefit.

Setting the right tone is beneficial in most aspects of life, but in customer service it’s a daily necessity. When working with a customer expressing negativity, the ability to employ just the right words to steer the conversation in a positive direction plays a huge role in making sure the customer service interaction is resolved in a way that leaves everyone happy.

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