Tip of the Week: How to Multi-Select from the Automation Drop-Down Filters

Helpful Tips
This week’s tip is a simple one, but can save time and frustration if you are unsure how to do this. Often, when creating an automation, there is a need to include more than one company, priority, status, or queue in the filters. There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on what type of computer you are on. No matter what type of computer you are using, if you want to select several files grouped together, click the first item you want included, and then hold down the shift key and click the the last item in the group. This will select all items in between.

If, however, you want to select random items in a list that are not grouped together and you are using a Windows machine, you will need to select the first item, hold down the ctrl key. While holding down the control key, select the other items you wish to include. On an Apple computer, you will need to hold down the command key while selecting non-consecutive items in the list.

It is also possible to use both of the techniques to select grouped and non-grouped items in the same list, which can make creating automations much easier.

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