Announcing Metadot 7

Front of the Pack

Over the last months, we worked very hard to develop Metadot 7. We are pleased to announce that it is finally around the corner.

Metadot 7 is the easiest-to-use, most intuitive content management system, portal server, wiki or site builder that you can find (or whatever the latest name is) and also the most fit for work group collaboration and organizations of all sizes.

Some of the things we focused on:
• Clean and clear interface
• Content drag and drop
• Easy theme (skin) editing for professional looking web sites
• Powerful permission system
• Search engine friendliness
• RSS for most functionalities

Metadot 7 is about keeping what was good in the previous versions and adjusting or eliminating some features that did not age gracefully.

Metadot 7 is written in Ruby on Rails. We are now very versatile with RoR (we also released Mojo Helpdesk and Montastic using Ruby on Rails) and our conclusion is that it is a great web development framework. It provides a clear MVC structure, AJAX goodies and all the tools for professional software application life cycle management such as testing, debugging, database migrations and production environment upgrades.

Metadot 7 is open source as before and will be available to download in the near future. At first we are going to release our hosted version so you can experience it online. It has been in production mode for beta users for the past 2 months and the feedback has been outstanding.

We are also going to provide migration tools so existing Metadot sites will be able to upgrade to Metadot 7 easily.

Not only have we revamped the Metadot software from A to Z but we also took a hard look at our open source model and user community. We decided to improve the contribution process, feedback input, and code exchange. So we are going to setup a download/exchange place for gizmos and themes.

We hope you’ll like it.

Stay tuned for the latest posts on Metadot 7.

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