fighting back against spammers

Front of the Pack

Spam is a growing problem for blogs, open discussions, wikis, and also our site. We recently got hit pretty badly. has been providing a free web space to all registered users for years. Everything was great and some 7000 people were able to share information with others via our reliable portal service.

Unfortunately some ‘users’ have used their ‘my website’ space to upload inappropriate material. Search engines doing their job, found and indexed their content. When search engines compiled and ranked our site, Metadot became listed as an adult site (which is not really this year marketing direction). This resulted in being removed for major search engines like Google. As a consequence, we disabled all my website spaces. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused but we had no other choices.

This also happened to other Metadot sites whose owners were nice enough to provide ‘my website’ to the public. They are taking similar steps.

Now the good part: we will be providing an alternative way to use a free web space and test drive our new software version in a short while. So stay tuned.

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