How Your Help Desk Platform Becomes a Time Machine

What if you had a time machine? Not one that takes you forward or backward in time or one where you can tell time, but one where you can make time! If you have a service desk platform, you have that kind of time machine. Think we’re being funny?  No, we’re totally serious.  Here’s just 4 ways help desk software makes time and adds more minutes to your day.

4 Requirements Your Help Desk Needs to Save Time

  1. Eliminate searching and sorting for requests.  Using post-it notes, group emails, telephone message pads, or even an excel sheet to manage support eats away at your time. Your help desk software enables you to organize and prioritize work saving you from expending time on tasks that could wait.
  2. Help desk software automates ticket management. Manually handling help desk operations eats away a good chunk of your productive hours. Analyzing tickets and automatically assigning them based upon specific criteria reduces steps for agents – hence more time. 
  3. A knowledge base enables your users to solve their problems on their own. A good knowledge base gives agents the time to work on and be more responsive to the more difficult issues.  
  4. Reporting tools and a dashboard provides insights into which issues are taking the most time to resolve. This data helps you identify where you can modify processes or proactively address issues so they stop occurring, or occur less frequently.  

Ok, so maybe help desk software isn’t a time machine in the purest sense of the phrase, but the right solution enables agents and users to solve problems more efficiently and effectively. And THAT creates more time! For time-deprived people, any way to better use the time we have is valuable. Whether that’s the time agents use to solve more problems, take proactive steps, or listen longer. And more importantly, it enables you to transform your help desk into a competitive advantage.

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