Four Ways to Create a Ticket on Mojo

When looking for a help desk, it’s essential that your solution supports that way your organization works. How easy is it to create a ticket in your current help desk? A ticketing solution works only when people use it. With Mojo Helpdesk, tickets can be created in four ways, so you can choose what works best with your users and processes.

Watch the video below for an overview of the different ways tickets are created on Mojo.

Visit the Help Center

First, tickets can be created through the Help Center. Having a support portal is beneficial because you can direct users to the knowledge base. If they can’t find the answer in the support portal, then they can open a ticket using one of the customized ticket forms.

Send an email to the helpdesk

Customers or employees may already be used to sending an email in order to get support. In this case, for an easier transition agents may want to utilize email-to-ticket creation.

Admins of the help desk can define an email address for each queue. You can also set up email forwarding so that any email sent to a company email address is automatically forwarded to the help desk.

Embed a Mojo form on your website

If you use Mojo as a customer-facing tool, you can embed the Mojo form on your own website. When a customer uses the form, this creates a ticket in the help desk. Embedding the form also gives you better control over the design and branding. The embed code can be easily accessed and copied from admin settings.

Use the API

For more customization and integration, you can use the API. The Mojo Helpdesk API enables 3rd party developers to create, edit, update, delete, and export tickets, users and comments.

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