See How You Can Improve Customer Service with Mojo

Looking for a way to streamline and centralize support requests and provide excellent customer service? Mojo Helpdesk is here to help.

Watch a quick (<2min) overview of the ticketing system below.

Mojo Helpdesk helps you improve customer service. It allows you to track issues and requests until they get done. You can set up a Help Center so when users visit your site, they can search the knowledge base for answers or submit a ticket to your helpdesk.

Two ways Mojo Helpdesk facilitates customer service.

There are two ways Mojo Helpdesk facilitates customer service: easy ticket submission and faster ticket resolution. The user chooses the type of request and fills out the form. When a ticket comes into the helpdesk, the appropriate agent is notified. You can auto assign tickets based on certain conditions or agents can manually pick and assign tickets. On a ticket, an agent can respond to the ticket submitter and add internal staff notes. The agent can also track their time spent on a ticket, edit ticket fields, or categorize tickets for reporting.

Monitor user satisfaction. Get your Mojo score.

As tickets are solved and then closed, Mojo collects customer satisfaction ratings from users. You can see how happy your customers are by your agent’s Mojo score. Metrics such as first response, first assignment, and time to solve are also tracked. If you’re looking for a way to streamline and centralize support requests, and provide excellent service to your customers and end users, Mojo Helpdesk is right for you.

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