Mojo Helpdesk has Ticket Tasks

Just released is the ability to add specific tasks to tickets. The task functionality acts as a ‘to-do’ list for tickets to ensure that each step is covered. For example when a ticket is created for a new hire setup, tasks (create Gmail account, add user to Blackboard, etc) can be added to ensure completion of the ticket so that agents do not overlook a step.  Managers can oversee the ticket and feel confident that the agent completed all the tasks.

Ticket tasks can also be used for workflow tracking: was the ticket approved by the Supervisor? Check. Was the ticket assigned to the appropriate agent? Check.



Each task can also be given a due date separate from the ticket’s due date for project management type workflows. For example a ticket comes in for a homepage redesign and is given a due date of December 24. The tasks are added for the ticket such as create content, add graphics, proof read/QA and deploy in staging. Each task will have its own due date leading up to the final due date of the original ticket: create content – due November 15, add graphics – due November 30, proof read/QA – due December 10, deploy in staging – due December 22.


Try out using ticket tasks and let us know how you like them.


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