Mojo Helpdesk: Ticket Merge Has Arrived

The ability to merge tickets is now available in Mojo Helpdesk.  Ticket merge allows agents to group tickets together to cut down on redundancy and remedy ticket duplication. Let’s say you receive a ticket and the user accidentally submits a response to that ticket as a new ticket. Now you can merge the ticket with the original and it will automatically close out the merged ticket.

As the tickets merge, a comment can be added to the tickets to let the user and agent know what has happened.


Or let’s say a user submits 5 tickets for the same issue (a little inpatient, perhaps) now an agent can select all the tickets and combine them into one ticket. Essentially, this closes the other tickets and adds a comment to the closed tickets.


Check out the ability to merge tickets and let us know how it’s working for you. To learn more about merging tickets and how to manage merged tickets, please visit our knowledge base.

16 thoughts on “Mojo Helpdesk: Ticket Merge Has Arrived

  1. This is nice, but from a user perspective just having the ticket number ready for the ticket your merging into is cumbersome.

    What would have been better is adding a quick search type tool that might pull up 5 or so open tickets with keywords you type in. And letting the user select those tickets.

    So it could be an either or situation.
    Enter the ticket num if you have it handy. Or search for an open ticket.

  2. Not willing to upgrade plans just to have the Merge icon that lets me see the commented and closed tickets. Maybe some other future feature will be compelling enough though.

  3. Merging doesn’t make as much sense as grouping with #hashtags or via search terms, email addresses, agents or even dates. To actually run a help desk for most companies, managers need to be able to develop case studies around issues in the field and the whole purpose of documenting all of these issues, resolutions and requests is to see what issues are widespread across the user base and which ones are isolated to individual clients or agents. Your merge tool is making this difficult by requiring an individual ID number which has to be located and copied and pasted to reference or link multiple tickets together and the implementation is impeding the natural workflow of most businesses and people. Use your product for a while internally, then make changes to your code base. You will want to create searches and select a check box to associate tickets with various human readable terms, not link items 1 by 1 via reference numbers.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you! The ticket merge is a great feature. Just one question because errors do happen, if done by mistake, can the ticket merge be undone?

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  9. Can you please make it easier to know which ticket is being closed out and which ticket will be the master. Possibly include a snippet of the ticket title and not just the number.


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