Integrate Mojo Heldpesk with Thousands of Apps in One Click

Did you know that Zapier integrates with Mojo Helpdesk? Businesses use Zapier to integrate and synchronize multiple apps and increase efficiency. You can do everything from automatically creating Google Calendar events for tickets with due dates, to creating Asana projects for every Mojo Helpdesk ticket. Whether you’re already a Zapier power user, or someone curious about the benefits of Zapier integration, try these integrations to get started:

Here are some other examples of things you can do with the powerful Mojo Helpdesk and Zapier integration:

  • Google Calendar: Create recurring tickets: Want to create a ticket to remember your monthly routine tasks? It’s easy with Google Calendar – Mojo Helpdesk integration. Create a recurring event in Google Calendar and a Mojo Helpdesk ticket will be created automatically each time.
  • Office 365 Calendar: Keep track of due dates: Easily keep track of ticket deadlines by adding Mojo Helpdesk tickets with due dates to your Office 365 calendar automatically.
  • Twitter: Create support tickets from Tweets: Assist your customers through Twitter with the Twitter – Mojo Helpdesk integration. Twitter likes, keywords, and lists can all be used to trigger Mojo Helpdesk to create a support ticket automatically.
  • Facebook Pages: Create support tickets from Facebook notifications – Integrate Mojo Helpdesk with Facebook Pages to automatically create a ticket when certain Facebook notifications come in.
  • Slack: Kicking off a new project? Create automatic tickets based on popular Slack triggers such as new mentions, new stars, and more.
  • Asana: Stay on top of your tickets with tasks: Make tickets a priority with this automation. Each time a new ticket is created in Mojo Helpdesk, Zapier will create a new project in Asana.
  • Salesforce: Manage your sales leads: New tickets coming in to your Mojo Helpdesk sales queue can automatically generate new leads in your Salesforce CRM.
  • Trello: Create Mojo Helpdesk tickets whenever a specific Trello card or project board is created. The integration can also allow you to create Trello cards from a specific type of Mojo Helpdesk ticket.

Explore even more integrations with more apps or easily create your own Zaps. Using Zapier with Mojo Helpdesk creates limitless possibilities. If you are new to Mojo Helpdesk, check out the built-in productivity features such as triggers and automation.  

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