Sync Mojo Helpdesk Users with Google G-Suite & Microsoft Office 365

Keeping Mojo Helpdesk users in sync with Google G-Suite and Office 365 is no longer a hassle with PieSync. PieSync automatically synchronizes contacts between cloud based applications. Say goodbye to manual imports/exports of contacts data.

PieSync is a 2-way contact sync tool that integrates with Google Contacts, iCloud,, and hundreds more. Marketing Automation software, Contact Management tool, Cloud Accounting apps, you name it, PieSync can make sure contacts are all in sync with fields that the user defines. What’s also great is the ability to set complex rules to create automated workflows, like this example between between Mojo Helpdesk and Google Contacts:


This automated tool decreases errors in data entry, and makes sure that all contacts are up to date across all cloud apps in real time. This means access to the most up-to-date contact information in all apps, no matter where it originated from or who entered the data. No more manual transfers of contact data again!

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