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Move from email support to a world-class customer service software.

Customer, employee, maintenance, administrative requests: Mojo tracks everything.

Self-Service Knowledge Base

Cut up to 90% of incoming requests. A self-service knowledge base enables staff & faculty to find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) quickly.

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Contact Ticket Portal

Enable contacts to log-in, create a new ticket, update an existing one or search previously created tickets.

Round Robin Assignments

Automatically assign tickets based on certain criteria in a round robin method.

Email Integration

Add email addresses to be used for ticket creation. Mojo Helpdesk works with email out-of-the-box.

Time Tracking

Track time spent on specific portions of tickets. Need to bill based on time? This feature is for you.

Staff Notes

Centralize team communication within the ticket. Keep internal notes and customer responses in one place.

Aging Summary

Always know what tickets are open and for how long. See a breakdown of open tickets by agent, queue, form, type and tag.


Automate your workflow, and create business rules using Mojo’s Triggers. Assign tickets in a round-robin or load-balanced method, send auto-responders, and escalate important tickets. Improve agent efficiency and serve more customers, faster.

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User management

Contact Profiles

Keep customer data in one place. Create custom fields for contacts to match your business needs.

User Groups

Group users by company, department, campus, location, or any criteria and monitor tickets by group.

Group Access Rights

Give specific contacts (i.e. managers) permissions to view the status of a ticket and to comment on tickets created by other group members.

Use Mojo Helpdesk with G Suite by Google Or Microsoft 365

Mojo Helpdesk logo and Google Workspace on a computer

Mojo Helpdesk ticketing system, centralizes customer conversations in one place, automates repetitive work to save time, for speedy resolution.

Single sign on with Google

Use your Google Workspace account to login to Mojo Helpdesk.

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Integrates easily

Add Mojo Helpdesk to your Google domain in a snap.

Integrates easily Mojo Helpdesk


Navigate from Google Workspace to Mojo Helpdesk in one click.

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Ensure customers are happy and that the team is providing excellent support with Mojo’s 5-star customer service rating system. Statistics are available by agents and queues, providing key insight on what needs to be improved.
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Asset Management

Keep track of any assets such as computers, laptops, license as well as and maintenance contracts. Mojo will notify for contracts renewal dates. Lists incidents for each asset. Use Check-in Checkout feature to assign assets to users.

Connect helpdesk with your favorite apps

In Mojo Helpdesk, tools and services work in the same place as your team.
google apps

Google Apps

Install Mojo in your Google Apps domain to provide users with direct login and user creation.

rest api

Powerful API

Use the REST API to integrate with other applications. You can also create or update tickets and users with the API.


Zapier Apps

Works with Zapier to connect to over 2,000+ business apps to automate any work process.

Integrate with thousands of apps in one click with

Google Calendar
Create recurring tickets with scheduled routine tasks.
Office 365 Calendar
Keep track of ticket deadlines by adding them to your Office 365 calendar.
Facebook Pages
Create support tickets from Facebook notifications.
Create support tickets from Tweets, likes, keywords or lists.
New sales tickets can automatically generate new leads in your Salesforce CRM.
Create Mojo Helpdesk tickets whenever a Trello card or project board is created.

We know how important security is to you. It's just as important to us. We work with customers every day to make sure their data security requirements and expectations are met or exceeded.

Security and protection
Encryption of data in transit
Advanced SSL across all pages and Secure Socket Layer encryption ensures that all data in transit remain private and integral.

HIPAA compliance

Support for two-factor authentication

Single-Sign-On (SSO) via industry standard protocols


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"(Mojo Helpdesk) leverages our users comfort with Google Apps to enhance our ability to service their technology issues"

Matt C. Manager, User Support, Cherry Creek Schools City Schools

"We completely eliminated our prior missing ticket and communication issue, and instead we’ve maintained our reputation of professionalism to our customers."

Andrea D. Customer Support Manager, Synapses Lab

"We needed to reduce complexity and find a solution that was sized and priced right for our business. Mojo checked all the boxes."

Todd A. General Manager of Technology, Sona Dermatology & MedSpa
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"We were originally going to increase the tech support count before Mojo Helpdesk. Now we don’t have to."

Mike Hill, Director, Campus Technology Services - Austin Community College

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