Google SSO Unavailable on Mobile Apps

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UPDATE: Google SSO is working for both Android and iOS apps. For iOS, find the new update in the App Store.

UPDATE: Google SSO is now working for Android and we are continuing work on the iOS app to restore Google SSO. Please stay tuned.

Google is no longer supporting SSO (single sign on) through the mobile apps. This means agents will not be able to use their Google credentials to login to the mobile app. A browser on a mobile device is not affected and is still able to use Google SSO. However, the iOS and Android apps will not be supported for Google SSO. Agents will need to login using the system password, the one Mojo generates automatically for every user.

If an agent does not know their system password, they can reset it using the ‘forgot my password’ link from the login page on a web browser.  Once they reset their password, they can use this to login to the mobile app (this should only need to be done one time). Please be sure you allow the Mojo system login option on the login page so that agents can login to the mobile app.

This is an example of the error you will see if trying to login with Google SSO on the mobile app:



We are sorry for the inconvenience and will work on a permanent solution to resolve the issue.


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