Chat with Customers from the Help Center

Take your helpdesk to the most responsive level by adding SnapEngage Chat to your Mojo Help Center.

By integrating SnapEngage with Mojo Helpdesk you can chat directly with customers that visit the help center, create tickets from chat transcripts and create tickets out of offline messages.

Agents can keep track of each chat engagement and history in Mojo Helpdesk.


Chat Messages are sent to a Mojo Queue

When chat conversations are closed, the chat transcript or offline message is automatically sent to the helpdesk as a ticket. Just add the Mojo queue email address as the chat message recipient.

chat to queue

Get started chatting with customers today by creating a SnapEngage account and adding the chat widget code to your Mojo Help Center. Use the SnapEngage Chat Portal to respond to chats and Mojo Helpdesk will track the rest.

For more configuration tips with SnapEngage, visit our help center.

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