Introducing the Mojo Helpdesk App for Android

We are excited to announce the new Mojo Helpdesk app for Android is live in the Google Play store.  Agents, Managers and Admins are now able to manage and update tickets on the go from a friendly mobile UI.  Features include ticket management, ticket creation, user creation, ticket updates, ticket resolution and dashboard metrics. To use the app, simply install it from Google Play, enter your helpdesk URL and follow the prompts to login.



We are excited to hear feedback about the app. Please feel free to leave a review and let us know how you like it.

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Mojo Helpdesk App for Android

  1. If it doesn’t require me to log in every day, I’ll be very happy! Here’s to hoping.

  2. One small request – the time tracking is not available in the App version (or mobile website version) Could this be added? We use MojoHelpdsk quite heavily from mobile devices, and rely on this function.

  3. We use your product heavily here in the UK. As our engineers are mobile, an app would be very useful to us. Upon trying to download it, Play Store states that the app in not available in this country. Is this something you can alter? Would be most useful.

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