How an Art Department became 25% More Productive after using Mojo Helpdesk

The meeting reminder said “Brainstorming for Photo Shoot” but the phone call felt more like a conversation with an old friend. I was speaking with Jay Roth, Director of Programs & IT at Action Specialties LLC in New Iberia, Louisiana. Jay had been a customer of Mojo Helpdesk since August of 2011 when his growing screen printing business started getting overwhelmed with support requests.

46 Jay Roth holding a sign

Jay Roth is the Director of Programs & IT at Action Specialties
and a Mojo Helpdesk customer since August 2011.

For the photo shoot we decided to have a robotic spider* in the background and giant replicas of Mojo Helpdesk support tickets for the props. This was going to be fun. It was also going to be convenient because Jay generously offered to have Action Specialties make the replica tickets for the photo shoot.

I’m excited to have Jay on the blog today to share his story about Action Specialties and their integration with Mojo Helpdesk. Enjoy…

Enter Jay

Can you describe your business?

Action Specialties provides top-of-the-line printing and monogramming services that make us one of the most prolific sources for workwear, uniforms, and printing services in the South.
Whether we are providing creative promotional products that give your business reach, or organizing online company stores that give your employees performance incentives, our goal is to simplify the way you promote your business and run your employee-centric initiatives
46 2 Jay Roth holding a sign

“We find ourselves less stressed out, more organized, and this leads to more production. Our department has seen a 25% increase in production of art.”

Why did you need Mojo Helpdesk?

With the expanding growth of our business, keeping track of IT helpdesk issues was becoming more difficult. We have more than 150 online web stores and program storefronts, planning the deployment stages and trying to manage all of them in an organized manner was becoming one big headache.

Our art department was processing art orders using email created from Adobe form based entry, however no one could share the status of art in production. We wanted a web-based solution to be able to access the information from anywhere, and we didn’t want to rely on our systems to support the solution through the life of it’s necessity.

How do you use Mojo Helpdesk day-to-day?

We purchased one helpdesk domain for our IT & programs support and one for our art department. Now we can keep track of things and take advantage of the custom form that Jill Ward, Mojo Helpdesk product manager, created for us to replace our old Adobe art form.

Mojo helps keep two of our most critical departments running efficiently, keeps us all in the know, provides us excellent records, and makes it easy for our employees to request the things they need.

What results have you seen with Mojo Helpdesk?

We find ourselves less stressed out, more organized, and this leads to more production. We always have vision of what is on our plates and the priorities of the work in our respective departments. We are able to shift work and tasks to others without losing information or causing confusion among those who are engaged with the project. Our department has seen a 25% increase in production of art.

What is your favorite thing about Mojo Helpdesk?

I like being able to access it from anywhere, that it is always available, and that the support has been personable and complete. I also like the fact that we can change the owners of our tickets.

### By the Numbers ###

Company: Action Specialties LLC

Mojo Helpdesk Customer Since: August 2011

# of Employees using Mojo Helpdesk: 14

# of Tickets: 2,879

*The robotic spider is also known as the Action Specialties screen printing machine (pictured above).

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