5 Things That You Want in a Help Desk Dashboard


Is your help desk meeting its customer service level agreements? Are your agents overloaded? These are the kinds of questions a help desk dashboard helps you answer. Like any dashboard, the purpose of a help desk dashboard is to help you determine if you are operating within acceptable parameters and guide your decisions. 

Your helpdesk dashboard should be as useful as the one you use in your car. The speedometer for our car dashboard allows us to monitor our speed so we can stay within the speed limit and avoid potentially receiving a ticket. The fuel gauge helps us determine whether we need to put gas in the tank.  While there can be various data on different car dashboards, all car dashboards provide speed, engine and fuel data. These are essential for every drive. And that’s true for the dashboard in a ticket management system.

Make Sure Your Help Desk Dashboard Has This Data

Every help desk manager wants to know whether the help desk is meeting its service level agreements with our customers and how effective the agents are. A good ticket management dashboard provides an overview of your help desk statistics and helps you understand the efficiency of your help desk.

When exploring a ticket management system, make sure it has a dashboard and that the dashboard at a minimum provides the following data:

  • How many new tickets were created?
  • How long do our customers wait for a response from our agents?
  • The averages for first response, assignment, and solved time.
  • The ability to filter information for a specific agent, location or queue.
  • The number of messages sent by the agent to help identify ticket complexity or frequency.

Back to our original questions. Is your help desk meeting its customer service level agreements? Are your agents overloaded? With a good ticket management solution dashboard you will always know how well and efficiently your help desk is supporting customers. Use the dashboard to understand how long and how well agents solve customer problems. Use the data from the dashboard to identify where to improve and whether you’re improving.

Want to see a dashboard in action? Watch this video.

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