How to Make Life Easier with Ticket Bulk Actions

Mojo Helpdesk Bulk Actions in Action

Ever come across a situation where similar tickets come into the helpdesk at the same time? Mojo Helpdesk’s ticket bulk actions will make life as a helpdesk agent easier. With a couple of clicks, agents can reassign tickets from one staff member to another, or notify customers a fix is coming.

Click on the video below for a walk-through of executing bulk actions on tickets.

Bulk actions are a time saver.

From any ticket view list in Mojo, agents can select multiple tickets at once. Clicking on the customer’s initials will select a ticket. Upon clicking, the selected ticket will be highlighted and agents will be able to see a drop down of the bulk actions available.

Agents can execute the following actions in bulk:

  • update the status
  • change the priority
  • move to another queue
  • add a comment
  • merge tickets
  • manage tags
  • assign to a specific agent
  • delete tickets

In the video example, an agent is leaving the organization, and so the admin of the helpdesk will need to reassign any open tickets from the agent leaving to another agent.

A powerful tool combined with advanced search

To execute the bulk action, an admin can start by using the the advanced search to find tickets that meet their chosen parameters. Just so there is a reference for after the bulk action is done, it’s a good idea to save the search as a view.

Once in the ticket view list, an agent can choose all the tickets on the page. Then the drop down appears for the bulk action!

While the ticket bulk actions can only be done to 30 tickets at one time, it is possible to update a larger number of open or solved tickets using automations.

New to Mojo? Watch a quick (2<min) demo of the helpdesk in action.

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