How to Configure and Collect Customer Feedback Ratings with Mojo

customer feedback

A helpdesk system is not only for I.T. Any department who receives a request, and are wanting to manage and centralize these can benefit from a ticketing system. One of the benefits of using Mojo Helpdesk is you track the most common requests or issues and collect customer feedback.

Mojo Helpdesk can easily be used across several departments, or to manage different types of support requests.

For example, a help desk might support both customer inquiries and sponsorship requests. Ratings from customers are great, but ratings from sponsorship inquiries (especially, when denied) may not be necessary.

Imagine this scenario. A user contacts the helpdesk for a partnership.

User: Hello, I am interested in partnering with you.

Agent: Thank you for reaching out. I am so very sorry. Unfortunately, we are not looking for new partnerships at this time. Thank you for you interest! If we open this back up, we will reach out to you.

User: 1 star

Customer feedback is great, but it needs to be value-adding to the organization.

Check out the video below to learn how you can send the rating request email only to specific queues. For this to work, agents will need to make sure that their queues are clearly defined.

We hope this set up helps you continue to provide excellent service and support using Mojo Helpdesk.

Unfamiliar with Mojo? Watch a quick overview of our ticketing system.

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