Mojo Helpdesk’s February Software Update

Front of the Pack

In the last couple of months Mojo Helpdesk has made many improvements and included new features that will benefit Mojo customers.  

Mojo Helpdesk released a new system field called ‘Resolution’.  The resolution types can be defined by a manager or admin in the Admin Settings (screenshot 1).  



This will then allow agents to choose the resolution type, in other words, which method the agent used to resolve the ticket (screenshot 2).  Once the ‘Resolution’ is defined by the agent, the team will know what areas can be improved and what common fixes are being made for particular issues. 



Along with the new ticket form field, Mojo Helpdesk now offers some new improvements to the existing functionality: 

  • In the email templates for triggers and automations, we’ve added a variable that will allow a user to reply to the ticket at hand. Emails sent by triggers and automations come from a ‘no-reply’ address.  Adding the ‘reply to’ variable/email address in the body of the trigger or automation email allows the user to respond back on the ticket which will subsequently update the agent. 


  • Mojo Helpdesk’s ‘Aging Summary’ report had been improved, adding ‘Tags’ as a filter and by reformatting the page for a better user experience. 


  • Managers can view the last active date of agents in the user profile. Mojo Helpdesk displays the ‘last active on’ timestamp of agents. 



  • There is now a simple, less confusing way to navigate to the admin settings 🙂 


  • Added a search filter for ‘no type’ in the ‘advanced’ search, which will be helpful in finding null values of ticket types. 


  • And, an improved ‘Merge’ tickets functionality; showcasing on the left hand side for better streamlined visibility. 


Mojo Helpdesk would like to thank the customers who have delightfully contributed their feedback so we can make these improvements possible.

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