Connect Mojo Helpdesk to Project Manager using Zapier

Zapier is a wonderful tool for those that want to easily integrate one business app with another.  From time to time, we will show you how to connect your Mojo Helpdesk to other apps to synchronize productivity among teams.  For example, Project Manager is the easy task management software that allows team collaboration on any device.

You can connect Mojo Helpdesk with Project Manager to expedite the support process and align the ticket case with the related project.  When a ticket is created in Mojo Helpdesk which has a due date, a new project or task can be created within Project Manager.


Once this Zap is created you will never have to manually create projects again based on support tickets. You could also create the Zap in reverse, so that when a task is created in Project Manager you can automatically create a ticket in Mojo Helpdesk.

There are several other ways you can connect Mojo Helpdesk with Project Manager. Jump over to Zapier to give it a try.




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