Mojo Uses SSL Encryption for all Pages

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For plans that do not have a custom domain in place, Mojo Helpdesk is now enforcing the use of https on all pages of the helpdesk for all plans. Previously this was a setting that could be turned on or off at the account owner’s discretion.  We figured there really is no good reason to turn off https (except in a certain case, which I will explain next) so we removed the setting entirely and turned it on for everyone.  Yay for you!

For accounts that are using a custom domain, you still have the option to use SSL or not.  The only reason you might not want to is because you do not have an SSL certificate installed. Using SSL with a custom domain, without your own certificate creates a scary warning message from the browser due to the mismatch of your domain and our SSL certificate which is registered to our domain.  However, we highly recommend that you obtain an SSL certificate and turn SSL on. Your customers will sleep better knowing there is nothing unsafe about your helpdesk site.

Contact us here so we can generate a .CSR file for you to get your SSL certificate. Once you have it, we will install it for you for free.


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