Embed a Mojo Helpdesk Form on Your Website

Front of the Pack

Customers asked for a ticket form they could place on a website without needing to use an iframe or link. We listened and now it’s possible.

Custom ticket forms you have created in Mojo Helpdesk can now be directly embedded in your website.  When the form is filled out from your site, a ticket is created in your helpdesk.  This new feature replaces the now deprecated ‘Form/Web Widget’ which offered the code for only a basic, non-customized ticket form.

You will no longer need to use the web widget (although it still works if you want to), a Wufoo form or have to create scripts using the REST API.  Simply embed a Mojo customized form on a web page and tickets will be created instantly in your Mojo Helpdesk by the original sender.

The forms you add can be styled to match your website branding and the interior of your site. Use the code editor to format the ticket form sizing, then add CSS to style the form. Then copy/paste the code on any web page you want.


Adding a Mojo form to your website or app means customers will not have to leave your website to contact your organization or submit a detailed request for support.

Learn more about embedding a ticket form, in our Knowledge Base article.


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