Top 5 Help Desk Features to Increase Productivity

Automation Help Desk

As a channel of communication between customers and companies, help desk softwares are tools designed to increase productivity. Below is our top 5 most useful help desk features to increase customer support productivity.

1. Canned Responses

Customer support can be hectic when agents have to answer the same questions over and over again.  With the Canned Response feature, agents are able to utilize saved answers to quickly reply to inquires. For example: A customer may ask about the fastest way to purchase a product near his or her location. An agent will be able to quickly respond to this ticket by inserting the “FAQ – Locations Near You” option (listed below).

Canned Responses


2. Automations

Automations is a Mojo Helpdesk feature that can save time and effort by automatically executing a set of actions on targeted tickets. You can setup tickets to automatically close after a certain period of time, reassign tickets based on the ticket queue, receive emails when tickets are marked as solved, auto escalate, and much more. Not only will this save a tremendous amount of time on sorting out customer support tickets, but it will also ensure questions will be answered as quickly as possible, without anything falling through the cracks. Learn more about Automations here.

Automation Help Desk



3. Customer Satisfaction Rating

To ensure customer satisfaction, the Customer Satisfaction Rating system allows customers to rate their experience with each individual agent. Upon the closing of a ticket, the ticket submitter is asked to rate the level of service they feel they received. The five options range from ‘unsatisfied’ to ‘great job’. Depending on what the ticket submitter chooses, it will apply either 1 to 5 stars to that ticket. The support agent that worked on the ticket receives a Mojo number based on the average rating of all assigned tickets in the last 30 days. This rating system provides insights on the performance of all agents as well as the overall customer satisfaction with your product.

Customer Satisfaction


4. Custom Forms

Customized tickets are essential to increase help desk performance. Multiple ticket forms will ensure that tickets are pre-categorized and are quickly delivered to the proper responding agents. For example, an IT department might support several issues such as “New Employee Set Up”, “Security Update”, ‘Purchase Request’, and ‘Technical Support.” By including these support categories into the custom forms, all tickets will be instantly sorted and then sent to the appropriate personnel.

Multiple Ticket Form


5. Email Integration

With out-of-the-box email integration, users will be able to receive status updates on tickets through their individual email addresses. Agents will also have the option to reply to tickets directly from their inbox. Both agents and customers will receive instant updates on their tickets via email. Ticket creation, ticket reassignment, and ticket replies will prompt automatic email updates to ensure timely customer support.

Email Integration Help Desk

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