Why the Way You Collect Customer Service Data Isn’t Helping Your Business

You can collect all the data you want in the customer service department, but if you don’t have plans on how to utilize it across your organization, data isn’t going to do the business any good.

Sure, one department may make some minor adjustments accordingly, but how much will this impact the organization as a whole?

Nothing will happen when departments are not communicating with each other. Your business will be in a stalemate and it will have a huge impact on the public perceptions of the business.

So, how can you eliminate data silos? By snot making assumptions or ignore crucial data modules.


1. Don’t assume data is being shared

If you don’t have a plan to share information between departments, do not assume that will happen on its own. You may think that managers or employees are reviewing key information, but unless you already have proper policies in place, crucial data is most likely ignored.

One easy way to combat this is to generate reports that outline all data in one place. By bundling information together, it is much easier to highlight trends that can affect various parts of the business.


2. You cannot assume everyone interprets data the same way

Key partners in your organization will have different ideas about what success looks like. Unless you set specific benchmarks or goals, you may have a disparity in how employees are interpreting data – leading issues to be treated unevenly.

By having standards for data interpretation that represent “satisfactory” to “poor” performance, you can ensure that issues are treated properly in each department.


3. You can’t assume that actions have been taken

Just because your managers and employees have access to data doesn’t mean that they are taking actions to correct the problem. Make plans and routine follow-ups as part of data management.

By formulating concrete plans, your business can improve and understand data interpretation and problem assessments.


4. Don’t assume the plan is working

Planning is a key part of utilizing data, keep in mind that you cannot create a plan and neglect reviewing the actual data.

Set timelines to review plans and ensure proper actions have been taken. Make sure to leave room for unexpected changes in the data reviewing process.


How do you use data from customer service to improve your business?

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