Montastic upgrade

Front of the Pack

We have been busy upgrading our monitoring service. Due to the success of our free monitoring service, we had to do some changes the core of our application so we can handle the growing load. We had some downtime but the result is worth it.

Furthermore, we are happy to release these new features:

  • Yahoo widget:
    • so you can keep an eye on your servers while doing other things
  • Capability to add several alert notification email addresses
    • so you can get them on your pager or cell phone
  • opt-in / opt-out newsletter:
    • so you can subscribe to our low traffic email newsletter (see your profile) so next time we upgrade you know about it
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  1. How about a Mac widget for Montastic? Thanks!

  2. Great service. Easy to setup. I'm looking forward to NOT hearing from it though. 8^)

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