Pre-announcing Mojo Helpdesk

Front of the Pack

Do you really know how your company is doing with customer support? We thought we did. At Metadot, we always wanted to do a good job. We use a ticket tracking system to manage customer requests and we answer the cases as fast as we can. We thought we did a good job until the day we started getting calls from unhappy customers: you close my tickets and it’s not solved, my ticket has been on hold forever, etc… Obviously, our customer support was not where we wanted it to be and we did not know some of our customers were not getting what they expected.

Companies are always trying to do a good job, or at least some folks in most companies try:

  • Your call is very important to us
  • We are customer-focused
  • Customer first
  • Our company is customer centric

Take this to the airliners:

Looks good on paper, but the reality is that traveling by air is one of the most unpleasant pastimes one can have unless they fly business or first-class. Can you image that the food they serve you in planes is so bad that even the crew does not eat what they serve you?!! That is what “customer first” means in some companies, just hot air.

Now back to us (and you). How to make sure our customers are delighted with our service and that we really know about that?

Enter Mojo Helpdesk, our upcoming helpdesk service we designed from the ground up. It is an attempt to track customer requests and get instant satisfaction feedback. If we missed something we’ll know it quickly. With Mojo Helpdesk you (and your company) know how you are doing at all times.

Mojo Helpdesk is developed with Ruby on Rails. It will be an online service, no download, no software to install. We are looking for beta testers. If you are interested please email me at

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