Help Desk Software + G Suite Equals a Winning Formula for Schools

The math doesn’t work. Every back-to-school plan we’ve seen for the 2020/2021 requests new spending at a time when governors across the country have ordered significant cuts to K-12 education spending. At the same time, technology has become more critical in creating engagement, collaboration, and creative learning experiences for students. This means schools are going to have to be more thoughtful when it comes to adding technology expenditures and having a help desk software that enables students, parents, and educational staff to succeed with technology. To support your technology and stretch your dollars take a holistic integrated approach to your technology investments. 

Holistic integration connects multiple systems so that they can share meaningful data to improve workflow, service/support and the speed of decision making. Fortunately many schools already have the foundation for this approach because they employ Google’s G Suite.  With G Suite, schools can move easily across communication vehicles using Gmail and Google Meet, collaborate in real time, manage course and assignment papers, and stay compliant with data security. Even so, one thing we learned from the attempt by many schools to implement remote learning on a mass scale is that it does take a village – a village made up of good IT staff. 

Multiply the Power of Your School’s IT Team 

Despite its importance, for many schools, the IT organization remains a lean team. The IT help desk is the interface between humans and all your school’s systems, including the G Suite. Deploying a good help desk software solution, one that integrates with your other systems, is essential to their ability to cover all the basics and multiply the power of the IT team.  

Help desk software is what connects people from the outside to the people and systems on the inside. Put simply, by using a help desk multiply the impact upon all school systems and users, while additionally keeping everything organized in one place. In this way, your help desk solution serves as an integral part of an integrated system strategy. 

Select a Help Desk Solution that Enables You to Live within a Tight Budget

To improve and simplify IT service management and make your IT budget go further, look for a help desk that supports these five requirements.

  1. Easy access to a self-service knowledge base. Make it easy for your users to quickly solve problems 24/7.
  2. Quickly keep your users informed.  Implement a help desk that allows you to mass email your users.
  3. Supports Single Sign On (SSO).  This enables everyone to access their different applications with the same set of credentials.
  4. Maintains ticket history details and provides tracking. 
  5. Provides insight into your help desk efficiency. 

If your school runs on G Suite select a help desk that enables your IT team make the grade.  Read our case studies to learn how Austin Community College, Hebron Schools and Marion Schools use Mojo Helpdesk.  

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