25 Funny Tech Support Quotes

Here at Mojo, we love a good tech support quote and we noticed our original post ““30 Funny Tech Support Quotes” is still popular so we thought it was time for a new list of quotes.

Check out the latest 25 funny tech support quotes below.

  1. Maybe if I click everywhere it will start working again.
  2. Have you tried restarting?
  3. Please wait…while the wizard installs the software.
  4. Maybe swearing will help.
  5. Keep calm and put it a ticket.
  6. Is it turned on? Are you sure?
  7. IMdecision (Repeating erasing an IM text box because you change your mind about what you want to say)
  8. What king of computer do you have? A white one.
  9. Don’t click the link? Okay. I clicked it, now what?
  10. Right cable, wrong machine.
  11. Will putting a new sound card make the Internet run at a faster speed?
  12. Where is the “any” key?
  13. Can I run Windows 10 on my Mac?
  14. How much does Windows cost, and do you have to buy each one separately?
  15. But I didn’t download anything bad, I swear.
  16. My inbox is full. What should I do?
  17. Why is the internet so slow?
  18. Could you help me with my TV?
  19. HKI Error: Human-keyboard-interface error.
  20. I/O Error: Ignorant-operator error.
  21. Yesterday it worked.
  22. Nobody move! Everything is working!
  23. We don’t actually store your data in a cloud. We keep it in a box under the bed.
  24. We’ve stepped in a pile of should.
  25. My keyboard is not working. Can you help me?

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