May Updates for Mojo Helpdesk

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Mojo Helpdesk has added some new features over the last few weeks.  Here is the latest update:

New Feature: Quick Ticket

Mojo released a new feature that allows agents to create a ticket with one click. This allows agents to quickly jot down a request and then go back to it later and fill out more details if needed. The ticket will be created on the default ‘Quick Ticket Form’ which can then be changed to the appropriate form after creation. 

For example if you pass a colleague in the hall and they ask you to do something for them, you can quickly create the ticket for this so you don’t forget. Then later you can go back to the ticket to make any updates. 

Or if you need to create a ticket for work you performed that was not previously requested on the ticket, you can quickly create the ticket and close it. 

New Feature: Staff Knowledge Base

Just as customers/end-users need a Knowledge Base to search for answers to their questions or issues before submitting a ticket, so do support agents helping those customers.  Mojo Helpdesk now offers an ‘agent-facing’ Knowledge Base so that is private to the agents. This private knowledge base is not accessible by non-staff users.
With the staff knowledge base, agents can share their support resolutions with other team members as they arise to help guide the agents to give the fastest resolution possible. For example, if an agent finds a fix to an issue that might be an issue for all users, they can share this as a knowledge base article with the internal staff to provide insight and resolution for the agents to therefore efficiently administrate the correct intel to the end-user/customer. Basically, it’s a win-win for both sides.
To determine whether or not a KB article is for users or for helpdesk staff only, when creating the article, choose the setting for ‘Staff Only’. The agents can then view the knowledge base articles and search for the topic in which they are seeking an answer.

Improvement: Advanced Security for GDPR and HIPAA Compliance

Mojo Helpdesk is a product of Metadot Corporation, which is a registered company within the Privacy Shield network. This measure ensures the compliance with the EU-GDPR policy terms with US data servers.  Along with this, Mojo Helpdesk offers enhanced security features on the Enterprise plan which not only support the GDPR guidelines but also supports the HIPAA compliance guidelines to ensure time out sessions, forced password requirements as well as password character security and deletion of user data (PHI or otherwise).

These advanced security features which include password enforcement policies, two-factor authentication requirements and the deletion of accounts and user data are available only on the Enterprise plan, however BAA’s and GDPR compliance DPA’s will be signed on for any paying plan as we are, as standard, a compliant SaaS service.

For more information or questions about our GDPR, HIPAA, or Educational policies please contact us.

Mojo Helpdesk is registered with the Privacy Shield network and complies with HIPAA and the GDPR
Mojo Helpdesk is registered with the Privacy Shield network and complies with HIPAA and the GDPR
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