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Mojo Helpdesk loves schools

We speak with school IT Directors every day and it is always the same conversation…the demand for smart helpdesk technology to effectively manage and track support and maintenance requests is a must for Education.  Problem is, most helpdesk platforms charge outrageous per agent fees (average of $49/agent… yes, that’s per agent!) so implementing such a solution will in turn, effectively drain the budget.

With IT and Maintenance budget cuts on the rise, as well as the price of hardware increasing (mobile devices, Chromebooks, etc.) purchasing a helpdesk with those fees simply cannot be justified. But then again it’s also unjustifiable to use only email, outdated in-house systems or super-hard-to-set-up, expensive apps for school support requests, right!?  Right, and, after searching and searching for something that could get approved, Mojo is found to be the perfect option.

Mojo Helpdesk is an efficient, affordable, easy-to-implement technology solution to manage the school’s IT and Maintenance support requests and for those reasons, it is quickly becoming a leader in the helpdesk market among Schools, School Districts, Community Colleges, and Universities. We strive to make it easy for Educational Institutions to get on-board by offering low-cost plans, EDU discounts, annual discounts, easy payment options and accepting Purchase Orders for payment. We’ll even give you a formal estimate in which to obtain your PO. I can tell you not every software company will accept PO’s.

But, it’s not only the pricing and ease of purchase which makes Mojo a perfect match for schools. It is also the functionality. Here are just some of the features most loved by schools:

  1. Mojo integrates out-of-the-box with Google Apps for Education (aka G Suite)
  2. Mojo integrates out-of-the-box with Azure Active Directory (O365, Microsoft Exchange Server with AD)
  3. Mojo is easy to get up and running. No technical training needed and you can be set up to start receiving tickets in minutes
  4. Cloud-based (of course) with Mobile Apps for Android and iOS (yay)
  5. Multi-department support, custom ticket forms, Help Center with Knowledge Base, exceptional ticket management, tracking and reporting

If you are in the EDU industry and looking for a helpdesk to manage both IT and Maintenance requests give Mojo a try. We offer a 30 day free trial with no credit card required making it easy to test it in comparison to your existing helpdesk.  Moving over to Mojo could save you thousands of dollars per year, freeing up your budget for other things.

Start your free Mojo Helpdesk trial here.

Also, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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