Enhance Mojo Time Tracking with Time Camp

We’re happy to announce that Mojo Helpdesk now integrates with TimeCamp time tracking software through Zapier.  Although Mojo supports automatic time tracking and time spent reporting on tickets, this integration could enhance the time tracking functionality by tracking billable time and then invoicing directly from TimeCamp. TimeCamp would also allow you to separately track agent’s attendance and time off for reporting on the burden of time and workable time.

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When the integration is made through Zapier, new TimeCamp projects and tasks will be created from new Mojo tickets.  TimeCamp then allows you to track the time spent on the project or task that was created from the Mojo ticket.

 Mojo Helpdesk and TimeCamp together allows powerful time tracking capability on tickets.  Check out this full list of TimeCamp’s features and functionality:

  • Timesheets
    • Time entry notes
    • Time entry from/to time
    • Graphical timesheet
    • Computer activities assigned to time entries
    • Automatic time tracking with rules and keywords
    • Away time detection
    • Timer
  • Reports
    • Five report types
    • Filtering
    • Exporting
    • Sharing
  • Projects
    • Unlimited hierarchy (struktura / gałąź zadań)
    • Roles and permissions
  • Invoices
    • Billing rates
      • Per employee
      • Per task
      • Per project
    • Online payments
    • Tracking open
    • Invoice based on project hours
    • Quotes
    • Custom taxes
    • Multi-currency support
  • Budgeting
    • Email reminders
    • Reports
  • To-dos
  • Integrations
    • Tasks synchronization
    • People synchronization
    • Tracking time directly in software
    • Invoicing synchronization
  • Desktop
    • Off-line
    • Windows. Mac. Linux.

If you want to know how to integrate TimeCamp with Mojo Helpdesk using Zapier, watch the video from TimeCamp.

Thank you,

The Mojo Helpdesk Team

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