3 Ways You Can Track Data to Improve Customer Service


Your helpdesk gives you more than an easy way to resolve customer issues. Tracking reports also provide you with valuable data that can give you insight into your biggest customer service hang-ups.


Here are 3 ways you can use data your system already collects to improve the productivity of your agents and the level of service you provide your customers:

1. Repeat Requests

If you’re getting repeat requests for specific issues, have you checked your Knowledge Base?

Start by checking that the request is included in your troubleshooting guides. If the issue is included in your Knowledge Base, is the language clear, and does the page use search terms that make it easy for users to find?

When you receive many requests for an item in your Knowledge Base, your customers may be trying to tell you that your content is ineffective.

Another easy way to track the effectiveness of your Knowledge Base content is to check your article ratings. For example, Mojo Helpdesk allows users to rate the helpfulness of each article, and tracking user ratings can tell you where you need to focus on better support content.

When you’ve determined that your informational articles may not be as helpful to your customers as you thought, you can make quick fixes and cut out repetitive work for your team.

2. High Number of Open Tickets 

If your tickets are taking too long to process, not only are you further frustrating already annoyed customers, but you’re probably also reducing employee productivity.

A large number of open tickets on your Ticket Aging Report could mean that you have an issue with your team training, or that your team doesn’t have the right resources to quickly address issues.

It may also indicate that your solutions are requiring too many escalations, meaning that your processes are creating unnecessary workloads and unnecessary customer frustration. Can you eliminate escalations by increasing access privileges or by removing unnecessary users from the workflow?

Ensuring your team has the right training and access eliminates many roadblocks to great service, so don’t forget to ask them what would help them with the process when you’re trying to pinpoint the issue.

3. Hung Up on Quick Fixes

If your helpdesk receives requests for a ton of easy fixes that only take an agent a few quick clicks to resolve, you may need to automate some processes so that they can spend more of their time on higher complexity issues.

Easy fixes, such as password resets or unlocking locked accounts can often be automated and will keep your employees focused on difficult situations that customers can’t resolve on their own.

Empowering your customers to quickly fix their own problems will also make them feel like the solution is less of a hassle. This perception and reduced wait times for resolution will greatly improve your customers’ opinions of your support.

Improving customer service doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Utilize the tools you already have available to make your business more productive for your staff and your customers.

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