Work Better in the New Year: 3 Ways to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service in 2014

New Year 2014

Welcome to the annual “week of reflection.” In this final week of December, many people look back on the year and plan ahead for the next. If doing better at your customer service or help desk support job is on your list for 2014, read on.

1.  Listen and repeat the request

Want to be heard more on the phone or in a helpdesk ticket thread? Try listening first. Identify what the customer really wants to happen as a result of your conversation. (Hint: They are typically looking for a concrete, positive result.)

Don’t forget that customers need to feel heard, too. After listening or reading closely to their request, repeat it back to them so that they know you understand what they need.

2.  Ask for immediate feedback.

After completing the customer’s request or answering their question, be sure to solicit immediate feedback. It could be something as simple as asking, “Did I solve your problem?”

3.  Send a one question survey to rate the conversation

The customer is happy, but that’s not where the conversation ends. After completing each request, make a note to follow up on a specified date and time. The follow-up should be uncomplicated and direct:

Dear Sally,

I wanted to check in with you regarding your software performance issue. How has our product worked for you this week? Please fill out the attached survey so that we can consistently work to improve our service.

Best Regards,

John Smith

Level 3 Tech Support


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