10 Songs That Fuel Productivity at Work


Do you need to listen to music in order to function at work? At Mojo Helpdesk, we’re huge fans of  “plugging in” while diving into a big project or finishing a task.

Here’s ten songs and artists that keep us energized and efficient all day long:

For the jukebox hero:

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen


Queen is an obvious favorite on several work playlists. Their hit Don’t Stop Me Now is the perfect jam to quell even the biggest pre-meeting jitters.


Rock You Like a Hurricane –  The Scorpions


Need some post-lunch motivation? Blare some Scorpions for an energetic jolt of inspiration. (No headbanging required.)

For the wannabe rap star:

Not Afraid – Eminem


Popular for his angst-filled hip hop hits, Eminem’s Not Afraid will make you want to get up and dance (focus on dancing your hands across the computer keyboard instead.)


Huslin’ – Rick Ross


The title says it all. Get some hustle in your step and blare this song before a big meeting (be sure to wear your headphones – this hit is NSFW.)

For the mellow-minded:

You Make My Dreams  – Hall & Oates


For a more peppy jam, consider this classic Hall & Oates hit to get through an early morning at the office.


September – Earth, Wind and Fire


For those needing a giant burst positivity burst, Earth, Wind and Fire’s 1978 hit is just the right amount of pep to fuel a coding binge or ticket-destroying mission.

For the easily distracted:



Research from Stanford University shows that listening to Mozart can improve creativity and clarity, as well as reduce errors. We recommend starting with Mozart’s symphonies and then working towards his infamous, Requiem.

Vitamin String Quartet


Crave a classical edge, but need more of a familiar melody? Check out the Vitamin String Quartet for popular hits played on string instruments. Our song of choice is VSQ’s version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

For the hipsters:

As a company based in Austin, Texas, we just couldn’t complete this list without including some local favorites:

Give Me the Beat – Ghostland Observatory


This Austin-based band combines electro, rock and funk beats that are perfect to dance or work to. Feel free to start a group dance-off in your office (camaraderie fuels great work, remember?)


Bastille – Pompeii


Austin is no stranger to some homegrown indie rock, which Pompeii provides in spades. We dare you not to type extra-fast to this song.


Now we want to hear from you. What songs would you add to our productivity list? Tweet us @mojohelpdesk or comment below.

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