LAUNCH: Das Keyboard II – the ultimate typing machine

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Typing on a keyboard with mechanical key switches is like driving a BMW. Das Keyboard II, our new product is the ultimate typing machine. With gold-plated mechinical key switches it is simply the most comfortable and precise keyboard you can buy today. A must for the real programmers.

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  1. Is there a chance of seeing a full Mac keyboard layout at any point? I have a friend with a Das on his PC and it feels amazing, but I need the full f1-f16 keyset and I'd like the volume and eject keys that Macs use.

  2. Any chance of making one like this in an ergonomic version like the Natural keyboards?

  3. What about the version without the dreaded Win keys? Regular 101, PLEASE?

  4. Since the said Das Keyboard II is such a great device, with such heavenly praises, I wonder why the enthusiastic presenters of the Keyboard should choose to keep us in the dark! Why not show us a colourful Image of this Keyboard, so that those of us new to it, can see what you are talking about? If you still can, please show the picture. Then let us know which Systems can accept the Keyboard; -Windows? Mac? Lynux? etc, and what the main advantages are. Thank you.

  5. interesting what you said for programmers. using several shortcuts while debugging is out of holding your hands the normal way – thus it can get more difficult without seeing the keys.

    aside from that Das Keyboard II looks exactly like my cherry keyboard from 1996. it still works today and ive never experienced a more comfortable one. no unnecessary extra keys, no missing INS key (lookout for that "fear-ture" on nowadays keyboards) and absolutely optimized for touching, rather than look+peck.

    if i would have a place where many ppl are around id definitly get this keyboard 🙂

  6. Any one got a mp3 recording for the Das keyboard sound?

  7. Are the keys weighted like the orginal?

  8. Any chance of a space saver version? I'm a big fan of the original IBM Model M 84-key space saver keyboard and would love to see a modern replacement that doesn't cost $250 (ala the Happy Hacking Professional series).

    [ although I DID purchase the HHKB Pro 🙂 ]

    I plan on painting (vinyl dye) one of my Model M space savers soon.

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