Helpful Tips to Become a Champion Helpdesk Technician

Successful Helpdesk Technician

Are you starting a new helpdesk job or looking to? Here at Mojo, we put together some helpful tips that can get you headed towards that first raise and promotion.

Successful Helpdesk Technician
  1. Be easy to reach. Always make it easy for your users to engage with your service desk.
  2. Make Your Customer Experience Consistent. Training is key here, as is having standards. It shouldn’t matter if you handle the call or someone else on the team does. The experience should be the same.
  3. Check for previous support tickets. Previous tickets may have documented notes that better help you solve their issues. 
  4. Respond to All Contacts and Keep Them Updated. Sets a positive tone for their next interaction with IT
  5. Willingness and ability to learn new skills. Be open to learning new skills which shows your interest in progressing yourself professionally.
  6. You won’t always have all of the answers. Help desk techs are often seen as the experts but don’t fool yourself no one will know everything. Ask for help.
  7. You will interact with challenging clients. Everyone handles issues differently so you can expect to interact with difficult clients from time to time. The key in almost every situation is to properly set expectations.
  8. Patience. Be a good listener and have tolerance when dealing with even the simplest issues on a frequent basis. Your patience and having the ability to communicate complicated issues so the client understands is key.

This is a follow on to the 8 Quick Tips to Become a Successful Helpdesk Technician post.

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