4 Mistakes Killing Your Customer Service

Mistakes Killing Your Customer Service
Using help desk software is the first step in ensuring you have a great customer service process, but if you’re making these mistakes, you may be killing your service instead of helping it:

Mistakes Killing Your Customer Service

1. Transferring Customers to Multiple Representatives

Making your customers transfer to several representatives to solve a problem is a sure way to keep them dissatisfied. While you may be thinking about internal division of processes, all they are thinking is that it’s a waste of their time.
Instead of making them wait over and over, give your employees more access to fix problems the first time customers ask. This will not only make your customers happy due to quick resolutions, but it also speeds up your processes.

2. Making Customers Explain Several Times

Even if you eliminate as many transfers as possible, you’ll still have to send a customer to another representative some of the time. When you do this, you’ll frustrate the customer even more if he or she has to re-explain the issue to each new representative.
Instead of making your customers explain problems many times, train your employees to keep good notes right in the ticket software to ensure your representatives can seamlessly transfer customers without further frustrating them.
Not only will your customers feel better because they don’t have to explain the problem again, but they will appreciate that your company cares enough to save them the trouble. It will also keep your agents informed of issues before they get on the phone so that they have a plan to quickly resolve the issue when they begin talking to the customer.

3. Not Keeping Track of Resolved Issue

You know what one big difference between decent customer service and great customer service is? Remembering the problem.
It’s really easy to finish a service request, mark a ticket as resolved, and forget the issue ever happened, but the problem is that your customers won’t forget. In fact, if they have multiple issues, they may become frustrated that you don’t know that.
Instead of thinking of resolved tickets as information that is no longer necessary, make sure your agents have access to prior information they can look up when working with customers again.
Not only will this make your customers feel respected, but it also gives your agent more information to work with when deciding how to resolve an issue.

4. Not Asking for Evaluations

If you aren’t asking your customers how your service is, you’re missing a huge opportunity to improve your work.
Customer evaluations help you monitor your system and service agents’ performance, and giving customers the chance to give their opinions goes a long way in making them feel valued.
You can offer service evaluations in follow up emails, on your site, or even directly on the phone. There are so many easy ways to ask one or two questions about your service that it would be silly not to do it.

The Bottom Line

While your help desk will simplify your customer service process, it can only do what you let it. Don’t miss out on these extra capabilities that will keep your headaches to a minimum and keep your customers happy.
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