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Most Requested Webinar

IT manager at the beach

Mojo Helpdesk Extended Overview

Customer Success Manager, Kristine, shows an overview of Mojo Helpdesk and how to prioritize, track and solve requests.

This video covers:

  • Self-service knowledge base
  • Customer Portal: Creating a request
  • Agent Portal: Managing and resolving tickets
  • Reporting tools

On-demand Webinars

IT manager at the beach

Cybersecurity for the Rest of Us

Learn about the most common Internet attacks and practical tips to protect secret information. This webinar is intended for non-technical people.

Save budget

How to Save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars with a Self-Service Knowledge Base

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and provide exceptional technical support with a Self-Service Knowledge Base.

IT manager at the beach

Is Mojo Helpdesk Right for Your Organization?

Watch Mojo in action and see how Mojo can help manage requests, cut workload and increase satisfaction.

School webinar

How to Simplify Support for Teachers, Students & Parents with Mojo Helpdesk

With the move to remote and distance learning, schools need a centralized tool that can be used to support teachers, students and parents. Learn how Mojo Helpdesk can help.

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