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Centralize all requests in one place

Mojo Helpdesk allows hospitals and healthcare providers efficiently handle requests from staff, administrators, and 3rd party vendors.

Mojo Helpdesk centralize all requests and provide a battery of tools to boost agent efficiency. This includes an internal knowledge base and canned answers allowing agents to search for best practices to resolve issues quickly. Automation, triggers, reminders help automate repetitive tasks and ad-hoc reports provide deep insights into help desk activity.

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Self Service Knowledge Base

Cut up to 90% of user requests with Mojo Helpdesk knowledge base. Create and share Frequently Asked Questions with your users, measure what performs best and adjust as needed.


Automate Repetitive Tasks

Mojo Helpdesk can automate tickets assignments, send auto-responders, use predefined canned answers, automatically tag issues and escalate problematic tickets.

Automation dramatically improves agents efficiency allowing them to serve more users, faster.

Use Key Analytics at Your Fingertips

Are agents doing a good job? Checkout the key metrics such as time to first response, backlog level, and agent activity. Discover which kind of issues are cause the most work.
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Data Security

Mojo Helpdesk is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. All network transfers are encrypted and data is encrypted at rest.

Get Started In Minutes

Mojo Helpdesk is ready to receive tickets from the web and by email in just a few clicks.

Cost Effective

No need to break the bank. Mojo costs up to 90% less than the competition.


Asset Management

Keep track of any assets such as computers, laptops, license as well as and maintenance contracts. Mojo will notify for contracts renewal date. Lists incidents for each asset. Use Check-in Checkout feature to assign assets to users

HIPAA & GDPR Compliance

No need to worry. Mojo Helpdesk is designed to protect the privacy, security, and integrity of your patients’ health information. With Mojo Helpdesk you will be able to meet the national and international set of security and privacy standards for protecting patient health information. Mojo Helpdesk is HIPPA and GDPR compliant. Mojo Helpdesk is designed with strong encryption. Data is encrypted at rest and Personal Health Information is protected at all times even during network transfers. Mojo Helpdesk does not use or sell customer data in any way.


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