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Happy customers

Resolve customers issues fast with Mojo Helpdesk

Mojo Helpdesk centralize all customers requests and provide a battery of tools to boost agent efficiency. This includes an internal knowledge base and canned answers allowing agents to search for existing best practices and communicate them quickly to customers. Automation and Mojobots (i.e. triggers) automate repetitive tasks and ad-hoc reports provide deep insights into help desk activity. Mojo Helpdesk is the tool of trade.

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Customers find answers fast

The fastest way for your customers to get help is to provide them with a searchable knowledge base. It's like a mini-Google with your content for your own customers. A well done knowledge base with curated frequently asked questions can cut down up to 90% of incoming help desk requests.
reduction of incoming requests

"Mojo Helpdesk knowledge base allows customers to help themselves, cutting down on incoming tickets and saving considerable tech support time."

Philippe Herve, VP Solutions at Sparkcognition

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Automate Repetitive Tasks

Mojo Helpdesk can automate ticket assignments based on ticket content, send auto-responders and reminders to agents and customers, and escalate late tickets.

Are your customers happy? Mojo will tell you

Keep a finger on the happiness pulse of your customers. Mojo Helpdesk sports a 5-star customer service rating systems that allows customers to give feedback on the service they were provided. Statistics are available by agents and queues providing key insight on what needs to be improved.
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