Synapses Lab uses Mojo Helpdesk to improve customer satisfaction

Read this case study to learn how Italy-based Synapses Lab used Mojo Helpdesk to maintain its reputation and improve customers satisfaction.

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Andrea Di Mauro,
Customer support management

Synapses Lab uses Mojo Helpdesk to improve customer satisfaction

  • Key data: 6 agents serve employees for 19 customers in 7 countries.
  • Challenge: Taking customer requests by phone and email slowed down the response time with some inquiries being missed.
  • Solution: Mojo Helpdesk makes it easy to assign the ticket to the right agent and improve resolution time.
  • Results: All tickets are answered in a timely fashion which enables Synapses to present a professional image to the customer.

Challenge: Tickets used to get stuck even lost

Synapses Lab, headquartered in Italy, is an indoor location service that delivers location analytics to unlock the value of location for more insightful business decisions. Specifically, location based services such as analytics, asset and people tracking, and indoor navigation for supply chain and operations management. As a location service company, Synapses is all about knowing where things and that includes its ticket management for customer communications.

Regarding its services, Synapses aims to, “envision a world where location based services are available seamlessly, indoors and outside. We believe that indoor location services are the key to enhancing user experience in any venue while creating new opportunities for engaging with users and improving operations. Indoor location based services unlock value by delivering invaluable indoor analytics for better informed, truly insightful business decisions.” As part of its mission, Synapses Labs is committed to providing a high level of service in all of its customer interactions. Its mission is to provide services to customer employees with high reliability and identify any issue before it negatively affects the customer experience. To deliver on this mission, it’s important to Synapses to build and maintain a reliable professional reputation with its customers.

“We used to take customer requests by phone and email. Requests used to go to specific individuals, so the process was slowed until the team member could respond,” said Andrea Di Mauro, Customer Support Manager. “At times inquiries were missed and this reflected poorly upon the team because it made the customer feel like they were working with a non-professional team,” she added.

Synapses researched nearly a dozen ticket management systems looking for one that would give it the features it needed for reliable communication. A key requirement was a platform that would remind its team to follow-up on unanswered requests in a timely manner. “After we set up the Mojo Helpdesk and created the right workflow, it becomes very easy to assign the ticket to the right and available person of the team,” said Di Mauro.

With Mojo we maintained our reliable professional reputation

With Mojo, Synapses has a single point where all the support requests from a customer are collected and accessible to all team members using the standard email tool. Di Maro added that with Mojo “it became very easy to assign tickets to team members for each issue. As a result, we completely eliminated our prior missing ticket and communication issue, and instead we’ve maintained our reputation of professionalism to our customers.”

As a growing young company, Synapses found Mojo to be an affordable platform that enables it to offer seamless service throughout the company, building the reputation of reliability and consistency among its customers.

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