Marion Central Schools uses Mojo Helpdesk to improve response time

Read this case study to learn how Marion School District in NY used Mojo Helpdesk to keep learning from being disrupted.

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Mike Nowak,
Computer services in K-12

Marion Central Schools uses Mojo Helpdesk to improve response time

  • Key data: 4 agents serve 139 users in Marion Central School District located in New York, USA.
  • Challenge: Tracking issues. Things got lost in the pipeline.
  • Solution: Mojo Helpdesk provided an app where tickets can be checked on-the-go across a variety of devices.
  • Results: Agents and users could communicate across devices, tickets could be automatically generated from emails, and commonly asked questions could be kept in a knowledge base where users could self-serve.

Challenge: Tickets got lost in a slow, outdated email system

Marion Central Schools (Marion), located in Wayne County, New York, comprises two schools serving K-12 students, Marion Elementary and Marion Junior/Senior High. Marion Central aims to deliver on its core beliefs that “Students are at the heart of what we do. Innovation is critical to our success. Integrity is the foundation of our conduct. Engagement is achieved through rigor, relevance, and relationships. Teamwork is the key to excellence. Personalized Learning is the future of education.”

Part of the learning Marion offers their students is personalized coursework on laptops and iPads starting at the elementary age student on up. The schools maintain active online communities and learning technologies. Given the wide range of the students and faculty it serves, its team needed a way to communicate and respond quickly to all technical and IT issues to keep learning from being disrupted. This means that when issues arise with equipment, it is imperative that the IT team receive and respond to messages immediately.

“We were using an outdated email system, which was very clunky,'' said Mike Nowak, Senior Computer Services Assistant at Marion Central Schools. “We had no way of tracking issues. Things got lost in the pipeline. And we didn’t have a way to hold anyone accountable for received tickets,” he added. The Mojo Helpdesk platform enables the team to set up automatic emails and easily look up tickets.

Marion’s computer services staff went in search of an up-to-date ticket management solution which would be affordable for its small budget allotted to support tools. Marion was attracted to Mojo because of its affordability and easy integration to existing school technology platforms like Google Classroom and ClassLink. Both platforms are used extensively by Marion Central Schools. “The value for the price was key in our decision,” said Nowak. “K-12 doesn't have a ton of money, and Mojo was perfect for our needs at a reasonable cost.”

A solution that tracks tickets on the go and keeps learning from being disrupted

Given the goal to offer personalized learning using various technology tools, it is crucial that Marion’s computer services team is able to see, track, and respond to tickets in real-time. Nowak said the team loves how they do “more monitoring of issues on the go!” Using Mojo, Nowak indicates that, “response time has been slashed because we all can look up and respond at a central interface that works across any device.”

Additionally, by using Mojo Helpdesk’s Knowledge Base feature Marion’s computer services team is able to document their frequently asked questions (FAQs) so their users can find answers by searching the knowledge base. “We have been able to do a lot of documentation based upon the common helpdesk tickets,” said Novak. Building a knowledge base to “improve response time and organization of our issues.”

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