Hebron Public Schools (Connecticut, USA) uses Mojo Helpdesk to support remote work and learning

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Hebron Public Schools Uses Mojo Helpdesk to Support Remote Work and Learning

  • Key data: 2 agents serve 1792 customers in Connecticut, USA.
  • Challenge: The ticket management system being used before Mojo was outdated and only available onsite.
  • Solution: Mojo Helpdesk provided a help desk solution which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Results: A help desk solution that supports the learning experience at any time.

Challenge: Access to the ticket management system was limited to being onsite

Hebron Public Schools, located in Hebron, Connecticut, USA, a short drive away from Hartford encompasses two schools, Hebron Elementary and Gilead Hill. Both serve K-6th grade students. Hebron Public Schools is committed to working with its student’s families and communities to offer the best learning experience, foster confidence, creativity, responsibility, and academic excellence. As these schools began to increase the use of technology to support remote learning, the existing help desk solution was no longer making the grade. The help desk solution could only be used on site and from the local school network so it wasn’t possible to access the solution away from the school. The schools needed more flexibility.

Fortunately Hebron found and implemented Mojo Helpdesk, a SaaS (software-as-a-service) cloud-based platform that enabled teachers, parents, students and the help desk staff to receive and give support from anywhere at any time. Bill Holmes, Technology Support at Hebron, said, “The fact that I ordered Mojo the month before the virus hit made me look like a hero when I stood it up and gave access to a help desk from home for staff, students and parents.”

A Cost-Effective Solution that Supported Distance Learning

Hebron Public Schools had already begun to develop teacher-created learning activities that could be available to their students remotely before the health crisis. It was imperative for the technology team to know if an issue arises, so it can be resolved quickly. “Having a help desk that everyone can access from anywhere facilitates faster problem resolutions and enables the technical team to better support distance learning,” said Holmes.

In addition to being a cloud-based solution, Holmes indicated that Mojo’s affordability was an important factor in their buying decision along with how easy it was to get it working with G Suite. “Access from anywhere and the cost were our two main reasons,” said Holmes for choosing Mojo. “Mojo’s ability to easily work with G Suite was the icing on the cake!”

With Mojo, Hebron was able to quickly address education technology issues remotely and support learning anywhere at any time.

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