Genesis HealthCare uses Mojo to efficiently process payroll requests

Read this case study to learn how Pennsylvania-based Genesis HealthCare uses Mojo Helpdesk to accurately and smoothly process payroll requests for their care providers and patients.

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Generis Healthcare

Alicia Tripp,
Payroll processing analyst

Genesis HealthCare Processes Payroll Efficiently with Mojo Helpdesk

  • Key data: 27 agents serve 2043 users in Genesis HealthCare located in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Challenge: Staff had a hard time processing payroll requests with another system.
  • Solution: Mojo Helpdesk made communication and processing requests much easier and more succinct.
  • Results: Agents can see previous steps and communication, so they know what next steps to take for requests.

Challenge: Having simple-to-use system to accurately process requests to support our most valuable resource: employees

Genesis Healthcare (Genesis), located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, serves assisted/elderly and rehabilitation patients with a variety of care services at their centers. For Genesis, “Our employees are the vital link between Genesis HealthCare and our patients and residents. They're the service we provide and the product we deliver - they're our most valuable resource. Achievement of our vision comes only through the talents and extraordinary dedication our employees bring to their jobs each and every day.”

The ticket management system they were using was too complicated to use. With so many users to serve, Genesis’ payroll staff needed an easy-to-use system to communicate and document requests. “Our old system was complicated, and it was difficult to tell who had done what before,” said Alicia Tripp, Payroll Processing Analyst at Genesis Healthcare. “We ended up spending more time manually tracking things down and our department was slow to process things because we were trying to be accurate”

The analysts received so many requests daily, that they needed a better system. It was critical to the Genesis team to be able to accurately and process payroll and other requests necessary to support their most valuable resource-- employees. “Our upper management looked for a solution that would make it easier for all of us to process requests quickly and accurately,” said Tripp. “The old system had multiple steps to processing and it was really difficult to close a request when we were done”

Genesis searched for a solution that would stop the manual and backtracking steps in processing.

A solution that keeps data safe, fast and easy was critical

Among Genesis’ core values are teamwork, enjoyment and integrity. With all their interactions needing to uphold a high level of confidentiality, it was critical to have a tool that would keep all requests, plus communications, contained on a secure system platform.

Genesis chose Mojo because it secured all communications in accordance with the strict national and international privacy laws, in addition to being easy to use. After Mojo was deployed Tripp said, “it was so simple to open a request, see the communications and actions which had already been taken and by whom. There was no more trying to track down who did what anymore.”

Plus, the Mojo ticket management solution enables customization and automation to set up who processed a ticket with a start and end timestamp to measure efficiency. Not to mention, it’s simple to categorize received requests for faster processing.

Tripp said the team enjoys using Mojo because “sometimes our coworkers can write a lot of history to a request, which all has to be documented, so my favorite feature in Mojo is the copy and paste from one request to the next.” With Mojo, Tripp said, “Mojo has been so easy to use. Making it much easier to do my job.”

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